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Clear Glass

Clear Glass is for your greatest investment, your home, it should show off your individual personality.  With the Basic Series Clear Glass Block Collection, let your individuality shine in your kitchen, bathroom, or any idea you can dream of.  The Basic Series Clear Glass Block by Seves offers a multitude of design patterns. This line of glass block also includes finishing units with certain patterns.  We have all of these glass blocks in stock with the exception of Alpha, Midarc, and Sponge. The glass block that we carry in stock requires a 2 week lead time, and the glass block that we do not have in stock (Alpha, Midarc, Sponge) will require a 6-8 week lead time.


  • We offer Seves Glass Block™ in the metric sizes for all of your home or office decorating projects.
  • Use the glass block to bring in light from the outside or another room with giving a unique design.
  • Use these versatile blocks on the interior or the exterior.


To learn more about our glass blocks and designs, feel free to contact a Quality Glass Block and Window Company expert today.  We can provide advice, guidance and technical information for your project today!