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Craft Block Designs

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Craft Block Designs

Creative Versatility with Single Art Glass Block:

Craft Block Designs give you the opportunity when you need that perfect gift or element added to a big event.  At Quality Glass Block and Window Company, we have the product to set you apart from all the others. With our Glass Block Expressions Collection Single Glass Block, you can cater to any occasion with a new and creative twist.

Quality Glass Block and Window Company offers Single Glass Block with the following features:

  • For a unique look that no one else can provide, Glass Block Expressions Collection Single Glass Block uses a one of a kind “Glass Fusion Technology” that applies whatever design or color you are looking for into the glass block. Whether it’s a college graduation, special benefit or holiday, you have a choice between many different designs or even your own artwork.
  • Because of the use of fusion technology, you will always have a smooth, clean and truly unique look that everyone with admire and enjoy. It’s also very easy to maintain. No use of any harsh chemicals is needed, so clean up is an easy process.
  • Because Glass Block Expressions Collection Single Glass Block is so special, every design is expertly hand applied for a remarkably unique and creative piece of art. No matter what design or artwork you choose, it’s all customizable to fit your needs.

For as low as $29.00 per block, we will help you create a one of a kind piece of art that will make anyone smile, any occasion more special and most importantly, make you feel proud of what you personally designed.

Availability is subject to change.


For more information call our team today at Quality Glass Block and Window, and one of our team members would be more than happy to assist you.

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