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Custom Glass Block Line

Our Custom Glass Block Line is simply that…all custom.  From custom colors, animal prints, Lisbon style options and custom glass block murals you are looking at a unique way to express yourself and to show off your creativity and style in your home.


Custom Color Block:

With the option between 36 different color in a gloss or matte style for more privacy you can’t go wrong.  Our 36 beautiful colors are hand picked by our sales team and we couldn’t be more proud or happier with their turn out.  Don’t be fooled by your monitor or phone screen, these colors are a lot more vibrant and unique than what you see, even live photos of these in our show room don’t do their beauty justice.


Animal Prints:

Anyone can be ordinary but to be extraordinary you must have taste and style!  These animal prints are just breath taking and is something you definitely don’t want to miss out on.  If you have that special animal style in your home this is something so different and unique you would be silly to not add it to your space.  My favorite way for installing these are one at a time in separate 8×8 holes on an interior wall.  It will not only create light flow but bring more character to your special room.


Lisbon Style Line:

Everyone loves the Farmhouse Lisbon Style floor tiles.  How about a Lisbon Style Glass Block Wall or Window?  Do you happen to love the Clarity patter which is completely see through, or don’t think the Nubio, Wavy pattern has enough obscurity?  This could be the answer you have been looking for to help spruce up that space uniquely but keeping the privacy you deserve.


Glass Block Murals:

The most interesting part of our Art Fusion Technology is the ability, with in reason, to creat a vision for our customers.  With our Glass Block Murals we can do that.  These murals can be created from just about any high-quality photo that we can either provide or you can provide as long as it is a higher quality.  The best part about it, our art team can tell you what will work, what won’t and give suggestions for you to find.  These can come in loose blocks where you can enjoy the process yourself to put the puzzle together, we can simply make the window for you and you can either get it vinyl wrapped or loose depending on your application needs.


For more information on any of our custom line items please don’t hesitate to call our sales team at Quality Glass Block.  We would love to be creative with you and to produce a once in a life time show piece for your home.