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Energy Block

Energy Block can make your home stylish while helping the environment by using the option of Energy Efficient Glass Block.  After all your home is your castle but should not cost you your kingdom on your energy bills!

Energy Efficient Glass Block, Clarity and Nubio Patterns

The Energy Efficient Glass Block is creating waves through the glass block industry.  Improving the energy efficiency of your home, the security and beauty of this block can be endless and timeless to your space while giving you the light you need and love.

At Quality Glass Block and Window Company we are proud to offer Energy Efficient that will improve the energy efficiency of your home while giving you security and peace of mind.

*Available in two patterns; the ever so popular pattern Nubio (Clear Wave) gives distortion and some privacy while giving maximum light in a room.  While the Clarity is a completely clear block giving you the most visibility that glass block has to offer.

Paterns and sizes:

Clarity – 8x8x3

Nubio – 8x8x3



*Assembled with a polystyrene frame for the halves of the glass block acts as a thermal break to reduce heat conductivity

*Utilizes Pressure Controlled Argon Gas inside the glass block that offers a reduction in heat transmittance

*Manufactured with Low-E glass in between the two glass block halves for further Energy Efficiency..


Lower your Energy Bills today with Energy Efficient glass blocks.  Learn more about our Energy Efficient Glass Block by contacting the glass block experts at Quality Glass Block and Window today!