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Energy Block

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Energy Block

Energy Block is one of the most energy efficient glass blocks in the industry today.  This particular block keeps in what you want to keep in, and keeps out what you want to keep out with its remarkable technology.  The U-Value being at a .19 Btu/hr ft °F, the patented design features two sheets of low-emissivity coated glass inserts that are inside the glass block to create a chamber system where the air is replaced with Argon Gas.  This helps reflect heat to keep your business or home cool in the summer and warm in the winter months.

Image of an Energy Glass Block in nature

Chart showing savings comparing standard to Energy glass block.

Available in Q19, 1919/8, 8x8x3 and 8x8x4 Hollow Glass Block Patterns.  This does not include injected colored or color infusion technology.


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Maps showing U-Value of the Energy Glass Block in North America.