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Special Order

Special Order is what we would like you to jump in all the excitement with the MyMiniGlass by Seves Glass Block™!  With five different patterns to choose from and multiple colors, your design that you are dreaming of can be achieved just like that.   These would work best for inset walls, bars, office desk dividers, anything that you don’t need finishing end units or shapes for.


MyMiniglass options:

Pattern:  Diamond DM, Clarity, Ice, Nubio and Aktis

Color Choices , View the following:  Daredevil, Futuristic, Sophisticated, Vegan, Very Natural and Romantic

Sizes and Shapes available for all colors: 6x6x3


Please note this is an item not readily available.  Please contact our Quality Glass Block team for any questions or design ideas that we might have for your new space!