Architectural Tornado Resistant Windows

Glass Block Engineered to Withstand Tornado-force Winds

Quality Glass Block and Window Company offers LightWise Tornado-Resistant Windows from industry leader Seves Glass Block™. These patent-pending windows are capable of resisting wind speeds up to 250 miles per hour. The windows meet the highest standards of performance for FEMA 361, Air Pressure and Tornado Missile Impact Test.

Tornado-resistant windows provide a high level of protection while allowing light into the space as well as people to see what is happening outside. As a result these windows make an ideal choice for community shelters, safe rooms, schools, corporate buildings and government structures of all types.

LightWise Tornado-Resistant Windows come factory-assembled in steel frames and use Seves Glass Block™ highly durable, laminated VISTABRIK Solid Glass Block. They are easy to install and available in a wide variety of sizes.

In addition to meeting the FEMA 361 requirement noted above, LightWise Tornado-Resistant Windows meet ICC/NSSA 500-2008 and ASTM E330-02 – Standard Test Method for Structural Performance. For technical questions, custom fabrication and installation assistance, please contact Quality Glass Block and Window today.

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