Glass blocks are popular not only with builders and homeowners:

Artists express themselves and create unique, visually stunning designs with Pittsburgh Corning’s line of DecoBloc craft glass blocks. Our high-end pre-drilled glass blocks are ideal for showcasing expressive, inspirational artwork. Crafted specially with light cord plug cap, these products allow artists to insert objects and decorate each block in a unique way.

The DecoBloc decorative crafting blocks provided by Quality Glass Block and Window Company include the following features:

  • DecoBloc’s are specially designed for artistic crafting composition. The uses are as limitless as the artist’s imagination.
  • Quality Glass Block and Window Company provides customers with two size options, including 8”x8”x3” glass blocks and 6”x6”x3” glass blocks.
  • Crafting blocks are available in two patters: the traditional wavy glass block pattern and the ice pattern, designed with light-diffusing features.
  • DecoBlock include the light cord plug cap. The blocks are made with a molded opening where the end user can insert the light cord plug cap into. This design allows crafters to use the blocks in ways that decorate in ways that illuminate a room. No extra drilling or cutting is required.

With the right tools and some ingenuity, an artist can transform a block of glass into a stunning decorative piece of artwork. At Quality Glass Block and Window Company, our expert staff can answer any questions you have about our crafting blocks or any others. Please contact us directly or browse our site to learn more about individual products.