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Designing your own Glass Block Project

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We are always evolving here are Quality Glass Block to bring new looks and products to our customers.  Our latest invention is our Design your own Glass Block, which allows our customers to basically design their own wall, window, partition or even a single block with whatever landscape, hobby or high quality photo of their choice.  Some of the samples we can do are loaded onto this page that are specifically customer requests.   
The beauty of designing your own, anything can be mixed with these as long as you keep to the same series, which will be explained at consultation.  If you don’t like busy we can add clear or a color to match the designed block of your choice so no worries folks!  This is something you definitely don't want to miss out on especially the opportunity to work with one of our artists.  I assure you, this product is nothing short of amazing and will leave not only you speechless but also something to be proud of in your home.  Done by our patented fusion application really anything you come up with is possible and we would love to work with you to create not only a unique expierence but a fun one!
I know this sounds intimidating, but don't stress.  We will help you every step of the way.  For startes during our consultation we will go over
what you would like to see as the focal point on your project.  Wheather that be a hobby, landscape, State flag, marine life, abstract painting or
stained glass look.  The ability to really get creative with us really gives you a great opportunity to change the face of glass block and put your
own twist on it. 
Some ideas to help those who have a window located in their shower who love the Clarity or Nubio glass block but would like more obscurity, you could do a mural like the Statue of Liberty mural.  Want a shower but need something different in your life?  Take a look at our beautiful Metalized Nordica wall with our Lisbon tiles that we incorporated on the left.  Like I said, the ideas and possiblities do not end at your plain Jane Glass Blocks anymore and anything is possible.
For more information please contact Toni, she will get you started in the right direction and tell you all her favorite attributes about this new technology here at Quality!  Even if you are struggling with a photo or design, just ask her she is an artist by trade and will always give you her honest opinion.