High Performance Glass Block

High Performance Glass Block from Quality Glass Block

Fire Rated Glass Block Thickset Series

In some properties and locations, windows are especially vulnerable to conditions outside. High performance glass blocks boost the window’s ability to withstand violent weather or break-in attempts. Quality Glass Block and Window Company offers the full range of Seves Glass Block products, including the durable High Performance Series.

We specialize in glass block designs and patterns that provide the ideal amount of outdoor light while protecting privacy. Our customers enjoy a sense of security they otherwise would miss when relying on traditional pane glass.

  • Seves’s High Performance Series of glass blocks is widely recognized as offering the ultimate in performance features. These blocks have been thoroughly tested for fire ratings, sound transmission and ballistics resistance.
  • Our high performance glass block offers varying degrees of light transmission without sacrificing aesthetics.
  • Select from a wide variety of patterns and styles. Customers have such options as glossy, transparent blocks, translucent blocks or gridded and patterned blocks.
  • Quality Glass Block and Window Company’s high performance products improve safety and energy efficiency.
  • We provide pre-assembled windows or loose glass blocks.

A Quality Glass Block and Window Company representative can help you select the high performance glass blocks that work best for you. Contact us today, or browse our website for more detailed installation information and product specifications.

Energy Efficient Glass Block

Homeowners and business owners looking to save on monthly energy costs should consider installing energy efficient glass block.  At Quality Glass Block and Window we are proud to offer energy efficient glass block options from Seves Glass Block. 

            *Utilizes Low-E glass in between the two glass block halves.

            *Pressure Controlled Argon Gas inside the glass block offers a reduction in heat transfer

            *Polystyrene frame for the halves of the glass block acts as a thermal break to reduce heat conductivity

Available in the Nubio pattern or Clarity pattern, these glass blocks with Low-E glass are sure to illuminate any room while filtering the UV Rays for a more comfortable feeling