Residential Series 3 1/8” Glass Block and Accessories

The Residential Series not only comes in six different patterns and sizes, but also has its very own accessory line to make it easier for customers to construct their projects.  Whether it is mortar or a silicone application Quality Glass Block has it all to assist you.

Residential Series Glass Block Patterns and Sizes:

Atkis – 8x8x3

Alpha – 8x8x3

Clarity – 8x8x3, 6x8x3, 4x8x3, 6x6x3

Diamond DM – 8x8x3, 6x8x3, 4x8x3, 6x6x3

Ice – 8x8x3, 6x8x3, 4x8x3, 6x6x3

Nubio – 8x8x3, 6x8x3, 4x8x3, 6x6x3

Residential Series Mortarless Accessories:

The mortarless accessories are always great for the DYI customer who is not familiar with the mortar application.  These provide stability of the windows you can build without the stress and mess that mortar applications can make.

  • Residential Series Anchor Packs (5 per box)
  • Residential Series Horizontal Spacer 30.5”
  • Residential Series Vertical Pack (10 per pack)
  • Clear Silicone
  • 48” Channel is optional for dry areas and great for windows not exceeding 48” in the width and height

Grout is sold separately and not sold at Quality Glass Block.

Residential Series Mortar Accessories:

Mortar accessories are typically always good for those who are masons or even those contractors who are familiar with working with mortar.  Even though mortar accessories are pretty universal with some minor changes when using 3” thick glass block, we still have the easy accessibility to the average consumer who would prefer mortar over the silicone application.

  • 16” Stainless Steel Panel Anchor
  • 36” and 48” Stainless Steel Panel Reinforcement for the smaller orders, or we have 84” and 120” Stainless Steel Panel Reinforcement for those who need larger pallet sized orders
  • Universal Spacer bags (24 pieces per bag)
  • 16” Expansion Strips

Still needing help deciding which application or glass block pattern you should go with?  Call our expert staff today and talk to us!  We here at Quality Glass Block will be more than willing to assist you in your project and help you not only choose the right pattern for your needs but also direct you to the installation we think would be best for you.

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