Residential Glass Block for Homeowners | Quality Glass Block and Window

Decorate and Protect Your Home with Residential Glass Blocks

The windows of your home should serve multiple purposes: to protect the privacy of you and your family, to provide a comfortable, attractive atmosphere and eliminate the need for window treatments. Quality Glass Block and Window Company offers a wide range of options for residential glass blocks – whether you intend to line your kitchen, your front entryway or your bathroom.

Quality Glass Block and Window Company offers individual glass blocks, as well as instructions for installation. As you remodel, if you are in our service area, you may want to consider our installation service.

  • We offer Pittsburgh Corning Glass Blocks for bathroom configurations. Our glass blocks are functional, stylish and easy to clean. When lining showers, our glass blocks provide significant privacy and an attractive atmosphere.
  • Our glass blocks are used for classy entryways that are warm and welcoming. Because of design flexibility, our blocks can be fitted for curved walls that help to illuminate a room with natural light.
  • Protect your home with our Hurricane Impact Glass Block System. Our tested and proven systems are an excellent solution for homes built in hurricane zones.
  • Borrow light from another room! We offer a variety of patterns, sizes and textures so that you have options for adapting your room to make use of natural light and light flowing from elsewhere in the home.
  • Decorate your patio, dining room or living room with luminous, jewel-like glass blocks.

Learn more about glass block options for the home by contacting a Quality Glass Block and Window Company expert today. We provide expert advice, and our staff can help you select the right product or give you installation advice.