V3 Silverline Geometric Shapes

  • V3 3000 Series – Geometric Shapes Vinyl Windows

    With a frame depth of 4 1/8” our V3 3000 Geometric Shape Windows for new construction come with a variety of options and colors.  With the graceful curves, dramatic angles and elegant arches your new fixed or window combo will be one that people will be asking you about. 

    Color options being the same as the V1 Series, you still can choose from White, Beige and Sandtone.  You can also do Dark Bronze or Black for exterior and have white as an interior option as well.  All of the vinyl, interior and exterior are consistent throughout the frame which makes scratches virtually invisible to the consumer. 

    Shape options for the V3 3000 Series consist of the following:

    • Half Circle
    • Quarter Circle
    • Arch Top / Eyebrow
    • Extended Half Circle / Palladian
    • Trapezoid
    • Triple Segmented Equal Keg Arch


    Enhanced styling performance with the availability of Energy Star rated glass and low-maintenance vinyl construction inside and out. The V3 3000 Geometric Shapes can be stand alone or paired in a combination.

    Need more information on our V3 3000 Series in Geometric Shapes?  Call our team today at Quality Glass Block and we can definitely discuss what you would like.