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European Clear Glass Block Windows

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European Clear Glass Block Windows

European Clear Glass Block Window options are available at Quality Glass Block and Window Company, who the industry leader in pre-assembled glass block panels.  We use high quality, warranty-backed glass blocks from the Seves Glass Block™ Company to bring you the very best quality that glass blocks have to offer.

Why we are leaders in glass block panels:

  • Pre-assembled Windows. Quality Glass Block and Window Company provides customers with pre-assembled panels crafted from the metric sized 1919/8 Basic Series Glass Block by Seves Glass Block™.  Offering standard sized glass block windows that have the option for ventilation and without ventilation.
  • Available in 21 Distinct Patterns. Quality Glass Block pre-assembles all 21 glass block  patterns in the European Collection using specialized glass block silicone that is mold and mildew resistant.
  • Low maintenance design. Windows from Quality Glass Block effectively eliminate the need for storm windows.  When building with glass blocks, you do not require additional caulking, puttying and painting that typically accompanies weatherizing window fixtures.  Glass Blocks, can not rust, and there is no framing that can peel.  Cleaning a glass block windows is as simple as hosing the outside and wiping the inside with a damp cloth.
  • The Seves Glass Block™ Promise.  At Quality Glass Block and Window Company, we trust the most reliable name in the industry, Seves Glass Block™ that backs it’s products with a five-year limited warranty.

It doesn’t matter if you are builder, contractor, architect or homeowner the best materials and beautiful style should never be compromised.

For more information on our standard sized 1919/8 Colored Glass Block Pre-assembled Windows, call us today at Quality Glass Block!

Glass Block Panels are typically shipped 3-5 days from ordering date.