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The most important eye catching application to any home that creates a beautiful curb appearance to make your lot one to remember.  It’s true.  It does, at least that is what they say…meaning the media, those DYI television shows and so on.

For a different approach to this post we are going to start out talking about something different.  Our Vinyl Window Options.

Yes, you heard me correctly, we are talking about doors and vinyl windows here.  Not just Glass Block Windows, which we are actually known for and will touch on a bit later in this article.  But did you know that we also specialize in vinyl windows?  If not, then you are about to get a lesson or two if you keep reading.

Through the years, we have been always on top with the custom glass block windows, which we still talk about a rave on today with their sleek look, extra low maintenance while giving you family the privacy they need.  However, we also offer several options in our Vinyl Window and Patio Door options for our customers that seem to surprise most.

With the options of Replacement or New Construction, your choice for anything vinyl can’t go wrong.  Especially with the two different Series that Silverline Windows has to offer.

V3 Series:

  • Premium vinyl window and patio door options that come with traditional styling, features and enhanced performance.
  • Wide profiles for that traditional look.
  • Variety of options and sizes available.
  • Glass options that are Energy Star certified for greater efficiency.
  • Low-maintenance vinyl inside and outside.
  • Custom sizes are available.

This includes Double-Hung, Casement, Awning, Gliding, Bay & Bow Windows along with the Patio Door options.

The Patio Door options for the V3 Series come in great lengths for the aesthetic and low-maintenance needs for most customers, including a vase arrange of colors starting from White, Beige, Sandstone, Dark Bronze and also Black, being the newest of the colors.

  • Durable, self-leveling rollers.
  • Steel-reinforced panels for additional strength.
  • J-channel for an attractive trimming look for exterior siding.
  • Exterior keyed lock.
  • Non peeling, blister, flaking or corroding exterior finishes.
  • Heavy-duty low-maintenance vinyl that is fusion-welded for convenience and durability.
  • Available in a rage of different size.
  • Different performance levels also available to meet you personal needs.

For additional information on the V3 Series please click in the attached link.

V1 Series:

  • Simple design that offers most common sizes and options,
  • Slim profiles with a more contemporary look that include our ore popular features, options and sizes.
  • Available with Energy Star glass that is certified for energy efficiency.
  • Low-maintenance vinyl construction, inside and out.
  • Custom sizes are also available for those who need more of that special TLC.

This includes the Double-Hung, Single-Hung, Gliding Window and the Patio Door.

The Patio Door options for the V1 Series come in the most common, simple colors such as White, Beige and Dark Bronze, leaving the Sandston and Black option to the more premium options out of the two.  However, that doesn’t leave this patio door less appealing or less beautiful by any means.

  • Featuring a simple design.
  • Available in a kit or pre-assembled for quick installation.
  • Non peeling, blister, flaking or corroding exterior finishes.
  • Fusion-welded vinyl for durability and beauty.
  • Available in a range of different sizes.
  • Different performance options are also available to meet your personal needs.

For additional information on the V1 Series please click in the attached link.

Glass Block Windows and Options

Now that we got through our vinyl window options, we don’t want to forget what we are actually known for and that is our Glass Block Windows.  Which come in different sizes and options to meet the popular demand of the public.

We have several selections here that also include a variety of different options to help you with your personal needs to make your home not only beautiful but safe and bring light into those dark and dingy places that leave the hairs on our necks stand up.


  • Our Custom Glass Block Windows come in a variety of different patterns. With the choice of solid or including a vent to allow ventilation in your basement, crawl spacer or even bathroom window if it is located in a shower.

The custom line also happens to be the most popular for those in state and out of state as the preassembled window continues to grow throughout the county.  Allowing the customer to get creative and involved with the patterns and their transparency levels.

As a recap, in the European Glass Block Window options you get to choose between twenty-one clear patterns and seven wavy colored glass patterns. Which can be preassembled and delivered to your door.

  • The Design Line Glass Block Windows is one for the books.  Yes, it does come in the ever so classic wavy pattern but these Pegasus Metalized Glass Blocks pack a huge punch in the glass block industry. Allowing you to boost your creativity as a homeowner or designer and bring not only color into your space to brighten a mood, but also add that shine.  The metalized edge coating allows for the color to give off a jewel toned look and sparkle once hit by light.

Coming in two clear patterns and seven colored glass block options, you simply can’t go wrong when adding this one to your space.  Take traditional and throw that baby out the door and give yourself something beautiful that will leave you the talk of your neighborhood.

  • Security and privacy are the top wants and needs from our customers so we decided to come up with an idea on bringing in Security Windows into our glass block window mix.  One of the many staples in a home is to feel safe with home security that you can count on.  Our Security Windows is definitely a start on assisting customers when it comes to that.  Built with different dynamics than our regular glass block windows these include special reinforcing to the customers wanting in our options section.

While using mortarless accessories to build and our special glass block silicone, we construct these windows in a preassembled unit and ship them to the customer.  This allows the customer or contractor to pop them into the opening stress free with little maintenance.

  • Vinyl Wrapped Windows are probably one of my favorites form a look standpoint.  For new construction only this window is wrapped on all four sides with either white or beige vinyl choices.  The preassembled 3″ glass block with a fully welded frame allows the customer to choose their choice of glass block patterns out of the five different options we have.

Our 100 percent maintenance-free vinyl construction, built-in decorative brick mold, J-channel and nailing fin that is all fabricated in house makes this installation for the builder, contractor or homeowner a no brainer and easy decision.

  • Another option in the Vinyl Wrapped would be our Energy Efficient Vinyl Wrapped Windows.  Coming in only two pattern options of Nubio and Clarity you still get the choice of vinyl color in White or Beige.

This preassembled unit comes with what has been on everyone’s mind the past five years.  Which is energy savings within there home.  Thankfully, we are able to abide by that demand and bring you the energy glass block to go with it!

  • When things get shifty in the southern parts of the United States and Hurricanes are becoming more stronger year by year.  You tend to want the best for your home and make sure you cover the bases.  With our Hurricane Residential Glass Block Windows, you can certainly do that and have a peace of mind.

Coming in three different distinctive patterns with different transparency levels.  These windows are constructed to abide by the Dade County Approval Protocol 201, 202, 203, Texas Department of Insurance Approval and meeting the ASTM E- 1886 & ASTM E- 1996 missile impact tests.  I would say we have you covered on making your home safer by the day when it comes to our Hurricane Residential Glass Block Windows.

For more information on our vinyl products or glass block products, our team here at Quality Glass Block and Window has your back.  Give us a call today and we would be more than happy to assist you in your search for your new look.