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Design Line Corner Wall Kits

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Design Line Corner Wall Kits

You can never go wrong with our glass block Design Line Corner Wall Kits.  This is almost like adding eye candy to your home or space that you want to share with the world.  Pegasus, Pegasus Metalized and the New Color Collection gives the customer a choice, which who doesn’t love choices when it comes in their home.  Honestly, either way you go with Pegasus Design Line will help dress up any space and allow you to express yourself freely so why not jump in head first!  Manufactured in metric sizing, these blocks are naturally smaller than our Imperial Line.  Which can be helpful for those who have tight spaces or looking for something different with color or rounded finishing units.

The Pegasus Mortarless Installation System works wonders with our Pegasus Corner Wall Kits, making it an easier process for your contractor or any DIY customer without the mess of mortar.  Coming in three different options for the Corner Block Kits, you can have the choice between Metalized, Non-Metalized and the New Color Collection which is also metalized with injected color.


This kit comes with:

  • The proper amount of glass block as specified in your requests
  • Pegasus Horizontal Spacers
  • Pegasus Vertical Spacer Packs
  • Pegasus Rounded Corner Spacer Packs
  • Universal Anchor Packs
  • Glass Block Silicone

Grout sold separately.


More about the glass block choices:

Coming in three options of glass block choices but still keeping the classic wave look.

Pegasus – The Non-Metalized premium glass block with the classic wave pattern that brings distorted look to give moderate privacy.  The block itself is known to allow the most light into any space while not sacrificing the privacy you might be looking for.  Coming in six colors that are actually colored during the manufacturing process, but also give you a clear wave and smooth option as well.

Pegasus Metalized – Manufactured and colored during the manufacturing process, this colored glass offers a variety of colors on the lighter softer side of the spectrum.  The kicker is, these  blocks are also manufactured with an exclusive metalized finish under the bond coating.  What this does is allows the personality of each color change at every angle of the block bringing a striking resemblance to the sparkling look of the sun hitting water.

New Color Collection with Rounded Corners – When you thought the fun was about to end with the metalized edge coating under the bond coating.  The New Color Collection brings a whole new meaning to the game with our wide range of colors mingling with the classic wavy pattern that shows different values at all angles of the room.  These jewel toned colors with the metalized finish adds nothing but charm and class to any space.


For more information on the Design Line, call Quality Glass Block and Window today and one of our sales team members will be more than happy to assist you.