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4 Inch Premiere Corner Wall Kits

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4 Inch Premiere Corner Wall Kits

4 Inch Premiere Corner Wall Kits are offered here at Quality Glass Block and Window with ultimate design flexibility.  That’s why the  4″ Premiere Series Glass Block  by Seves Glass Block™ is an industry leader.  With our Premiere Series glass blocks at your finger tips, you will have the perfect product to give your wall the finishing touch.

Flexibility is important when creating the wall that you want. That is why we offer our Glass Block Corner Wall Kit in out two popular patterns, the classic wavy pattern called Nubio which allows maximum light with a distortion of images.  When our more obscure pattern, Cortina is more for maximum privacy but still allows light to flow freely.  With either pattern you have a choice in a sharp 90 Degree Corner or the Rounded 90 Degree Corner Block. This unique block gives you the ability to form a 90 degree corner on your wall that results in a more sharpened angle or a rounded continuous glass face.


What it comes with:

  • The Glass Block Wall kit with Corner Block use 8x8x4, 8x8x4 End Block for Cortina and Nubio Walls and either Sharp 90 Degree or Rounded 90 Degree Corner Glass Block.
  • Premiere Horizontal Spacers
    • Accounts for the 90 Degree Sharp Corner Block
  • Premiere Vertical Spacer Packs
  • Premiere Rounded Corner Packs
  • Universal Wall Anchors
  • Silicone

Grout sold separately.


More information on our products and installation support is available on our website. Or, you can contact a Quality Glass Block representative today. Because of our flat rate shipping, we offer commercial, residential and lift gate options for delivery.