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Thin Pavers

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Thin Pavers

Thin Pavers, otherwise called glass tiles allow you to add luminosity to indoor and outdoor spaces with the choice of three different pattern options and two sizes.  Each angle the glass has been formed catches and transforms light differently across solid surfaces giving a unique look to the patterns.


Typical Dimensions and Patterns:

B16x16x3sm  – Prisma

B20x20x2cm –  Prisma

B20x20x2cm – Circles


For a more dynamic light transfer, our Prisma Thin Pavers by Seves Glass Block™ is each uniquely designed to capture light giving it a slight kaleidoscope effect.  Not wanting something so flashy?  Our Circle Thin Pavers it the route for you.  Especially if you are looking for something with a softer design.  The small etched in circles helps give a concentric design for those of you who are needing your design to be a bit more tamed.  This patterns still helps light transfer through just as beautifully but it is more plain since there aren’t all the angles as our Prisma Thin Pavers provide.


Need more information on our Thin Pavers?  Call our team today at Quality Glass Block for further assistance!