Premier 3 7/8” Series Glass Block Wall Kit with Allbends

At Quality Glass Block and Window, we offer two patterns that will work with the Allbends for your design.  In our Premier Series by Seves, the Allbend Glass Block is a perfect match for our Cortina and Nubio Pattern wall kits.

  • From dramatic curves to soft lines, the Allbend glass block will give you a beautiful display of smooth uninterrupted turns in your glass block wall.  Seves’s design for this block allos the joints of the curve in your wall to be tight, adding the perfect clean and creative touch to any wall you want to create.
  • Avaiable in two patterns, Cortina and Nubio, you have the choice of minimal to maximum privacy and maximum light transmission for both.  Because of the versatility of the Allbend, you will have many options to creatively design your new wall or partition for any project.  For your finished ends, whether it’s for a bathroom wall or a classic room divider, the Glass Block Wall Kit with the Allbend Glass block is sure to add sophistication and creativity to your project.
  • Our Silicone (mortar-free) Installation System is the perfect option for an easy to create process.  It offers a spacer system and special anchor system to help complete your look.
  • Our Allbend Glass Block Kits all come with a detailed set of instructions along with a complete list of materials you will need to finish the job.
  • We want you to find exactly what you are looking for and we can help you customize your Glass Block Wall Kit to suit your needs.  This customization includes your choice of the width and height of your wall.  We are also available to speak with you if you have any questions or concerns.
  • The Glass Block Wall Kits with the Allbends use: 4x8x4 Allbends, 8x8x4 End blocks
  • Simply add the color grout that you would like and your kit will be complete.  Grout sold separately.

Browse our website for more information on our high-quality glass block products.  Or for more information on installation, support and accessories feel free to speak with one of our Quality Glass Block and Window Representatives today.  Commercial, residential and lift gate options are available with our flat rate shipping.