Glass Block Industry More Efficient With New Dryer Vent Product


Quality Glass Block and Widow Co present a completely new energy efficient dryer vent this month right before contractors and general contractors set out to book their springtime renovations and glass block window installments.


As far as energy efficient homes go, there are always the ventilation devices that appear to be impossible to make energy efficient. Constantly drafty in winter months resulting in temperature decrease, along with the summer time the same drafty places now come to be heat waves inside an otherwise cool setting. But this month, Quality Glass Block and Window Company presented the first-of-its-kind, Energy Smart Dryer Vent to enhance a previously entire distinctive line of American made, energy efficient, glass block products.


As with every Quality Glass Block product, consumers and merchants should be expecting the high quality standards they have come to rely upon from Quality when selecting the new dryer vents. Aside from the American pride and workmanship, besides the evident quality and efficiency, these dryer vents contain a number of distinctive attributes. It starts off with the outstanding insulating value of the hollow vinyl mainframe produced from pure 100% virgin vinyl.


The New Energy Smart Dryer Vent sticks effectively to silicone as along with mortar and is offered in the traditional white vinyl or modern day beige tone vinyl. The Energy Smart Dryer Vent can be built to fit all 3” and 4” glass block window products using a rather simple adaptor with the structure.