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Glass Crafting Ideas

Glass crafting ideas is a big topic these days.  From over the years I have been here at Quality Glass Block, we have had more and more customers interested in our glass block products for exactly what they are.  A unique form of glass that is moulded into a cube.  Most of the time, people are reminded of the 50’s and 80’s when glass block comes to mind.  However, more and more people need to get their hands on glass blocks to create with them.

With glass block becoming more popular with the crafting world, so has the technology to also create what you would like to do with glass block.  No more plain glass laying around anymore, whether in a window, bathroom wall or just as a decorative piece you have chosen to take space as a book end.

Where to start?

When it comes to crafting glass, Craft Glass Block comes to mind and  you simply can’t go wrong with those.  Honestly, you really can’t go wrong with any of the choices I plan to list.  Which means that Craft Glass Blocks are only a tiny portion of what we can do here at Quality.

So, come along with me and keep reading below.  Lets see what shenanigans we can get into when I start listing what we have and what you can do below.

Craft Glass Block 

Craft Glass Block is always a number one staple in the crafters world.  The uniqueness of the glass with its opening at the top and a plate with plug, in case you want to put lights in it is what makes this block stand out from the rest.  Coming in a Wavy texture or our Clearview, you really can’t go wrong with this.  Also don’t forget to check our craft block page for the other crafting block options.

  • Plain glass block with the hole at the top with insert.  Mainly crafters go for these so they can design their own thing.
  • Not meant for windows or walls, just crafting.

Custom Craft Block

Get into really neat things with our Custom Craft Block.  Which means you get to work with our team to create something totally unique for you.  Think of holidays or even for gifts!

  • Working with the Quality Glass Block team to create a piece just for your home or for gifts.  Which means, you pick the picture from a data base we provide and we put that image on the glass block for you.  All you would need to do is add lights!
  • Save time and money and allow us to help you do the work.  Order a head of time is a must since the lead time is roughly 6 weeks.

Custom Pattern Line

Patterns are so fun to work with.  Especially if you have a taste for different types of movement in them.  I know it is a required taste, but don’t let what we share on our website stop you from imagining what we can bring to the table for you.

We understand that not everyone is a Lisbon or Animal Print fan.  That is why we have a database full of ideas that you can go through on your own time to see what you can come up with!  A little hint…Vector images are to die for with our custom glass blocks.

  • Our Lisbon Style Line and our Animal Prints Line is one of the many things we can do here at Quality.  These designs are what we chose to put on our website to show you what we can do.  Don’t let that fool you as if that is all we offer!  Remember “custom” is the key word here.

Glass Block Murals

Even though Glass Block Murals is more of a personal taste, it is still a fun way to express yourself a bit more in your home.  We have had a couple customers that have pool houses.  They incorporated this fish mural below and were not disappointed on the stunning beauty this created for their space.

But don’t let that stop you from asking us how to create your own.  Just need to ask us how to find the images and we can walk you through.

  • Not only allows light in to a room but also creates a great amount of privacy for those who are needing it in any changing area around the pool.

So as you can see, there is a bit more to glass crafting these days than using just the traditional crafting glass block or even regular glass block you see in store fronts or basement windows.

You can craft with anything you put your mind to.  For instance, making your own glass block window pattern… you designed it.  Which means it is your art piece.  See where I am going with this?

Custom Color Glass Block

Our Custom Color Glass Block is one you definitely don’t want to miss out on.  With a lead time of roughly 6 weeks you can choose any of the colors in the link above with almost any style of glass block and have it put on 1 or both sides of the block.  Our favorite is both sides in the gloss finish.

  • 36 total colors to choose from with a UV protectant so that you can use as exterior use, or interior.
  • Best application for installation would be mortarless or silicone together.

These colors are hand picked by our design team and its something that we are proud of to have as an option.  With many of the colors being injected with color and not UV tested.  This allowed us to create a total new line to help those who are wanting that pop of color in their exterior project or window, much like the photo below.

What I am getting at is, in our world here at Quality Glass Block, we love to help our customers step out of the box.  If you have a vision, lets talk about it.  Lets see what we can do.  Getting expressive in your home is nothing to be ashamed of.  You are creating a special place to bring a piece of you in it.  To show others that this is who I am.  Most of all lets see what we can assist with to help you accomplish your glass crafting ideas.


  • Craft Block
  • Custom Craft Block
  • Custom Pattern Line
  • Custom Mural
  • Custom Color

Designing something unique in your home isn’t always an easy task to take on.  That is why we are here to assist.  Even though we mainly touched on all the custom ideas for the glass crafting, don’t think I have forgot about the other options we have.  Our clear glass blocks and color blocks can also play a role in what you would like to accomplish.  The links are below to check those items out.  Allow your mind to conjure up your glass crafting idea:

Which brings me to my conclusion to glass crafting.  There are so many other ways you can take “glass crafting ideas.”  It doesn’t even have to do with custom.  You can simply do your own design with any of the links I posted above if that is more of your area.  I simply stuck with the custom items so that you know that there is more that can be done than just sticking with one series over the other.

I wanted you, the customer to read this and go into overdrive on your creative side of your brain.  I wanted you to wonder what else can you do.  I wanted to give you the opportunity to sit down and think…how can I make that work.

The best part about this all, we will be right here the whole way for you to walk through your ideas, your dream space aspirations and your total job completion.  That is what we do.  The sky is the limit, you just need to see past the 50’s and 80’s idea of glass block to make it functional.

For more information with our Glass Crafting Ideas, call our team today to discuss more on what you can possible achieve in your home!