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European Clear Straight Wall Kits

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European Clear Straight Wall Kits

European Clear Straight Wall Kits bring endless possibilities that will give you a look for the ages.  Available in the Wave or the Arctic Patterns, let your imagination run wild.  The metric Wave offers maximum light transparency while the Arctic pattern will give you the privacy you desire.  Using the mortarless system, the end result will give you the look of a professional without the years of experience.

All Straight Glass Block Wall Kits come complete with all of the anchors, silicone, horizontal and vertical spacers that you will need to complete the job.  Just add grout once all the silicone is dry and your wall will be a work of art!

Grout not included.

Need help getting started?  Contact the professionals at Quality Glass Block today for advise on getting your project underway.

Quality Glass Block 1919/8 Clear Straight Wall Kit