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80mm Basic Line Straight Wall Kits

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80mm Basic Line Straight Wall Kits

80mm Basic Line Straight Wall Kits from Quality Glass Block incorporate the basic series metric glass blocks by Seves Glass Block™ into easy to use kits.  These glass blocks are available in both color and non colored patterns.  Both options use the mortarless system in their assembly which makes your project a breeze.

European 1919/8 Clear Block

The European 19 Clear Kits are available in the Wave or the Arctic patterns by Seves Glass Block™.  These two patterns will give you the option to have a traditional looking wall with the choice of minimum privacy(Wave) or maximum privacy(Arctic).  Available with one finished end or two, these patterns are sure to brighten up any room where they are built.

European 1919/8 Color Block

The European 1919/8 Color Glass Block Kits utilize the colored Wave pattern by Seves Glass Block™.  The colors that are available with a one or two finished ends are Azure, Brown, Green and Pink.  The Blue, Grey and Turquoise 1919/8 Color Blocks are also available, but do not have finishing end units.  No matter which color you choose, finished ends or no finished ends, these color glass blocks will bring a new dimension of life to your room!

European 1919/8 Brilly Injected Colored Glass Block

Have an room that is dark and dingy?  Our Brilly Injected Colored Glass Block will not only bring life to your dark room, but also will allow light to shine from one room to another.  With the classic wave appearance and the vibrant colors this line has to offer, the patterns and design is limitless.


Mortarless Kits Include

  • Anchors
  • Silicone
  • Horizontal Spacers
  • Vertical Spacers


Grout is not included.


Need Help with a design option?  The knowledgeable staff at Quality Glass Block and Window are ready to help!  Call us today so we can assist you in your project that fits your needs and bring your creation to life!

Quality Glass Block 1919/8 Wave Colored Glass Block




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