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European Color Straight Wall Kits

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European Color Straight Wall Kits

European Color Straight Wall Kits is a good way to add color to any room to brighten anyone’s day!  The European 1919/8 Colored Glass Block Wall Kits utilizes the Wave pattern by Seves Glass Block™ to bring a classic touch with moderate privacy without sacrificing the light you need in your space.  With the options of finishing end units with Azure, Brown, Green and Pink you can create a nice sleek and smooth look to your wall.  The Blue, Grey and Turquoise are also available but do not have finishing end units as an option.  These can be used to incorporate with other colors in the 1919/8 European Colored Glass Block, or even the Clear Glass Block.  No matter which option you choose, finished ends or non finished ends, these color glass blocks will bring a new dimension of life to your room.

All Straight Glass Block Wall Kits come complete with all of the anchors, silicone, horizontal and vertical spacers that you will need to complete the job.  Just add grout once all the silicone is dry and your wall will be a work of art!

Grout not included.

For more information on our Colored Glass Block Wall Kits call our team today at Quality Glass Block!  We will be more than happy to assist you.




Quality Glass Block 1919/8 Color Straight Wall Kit