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3 Inch Thinline Frosted

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3 Inch Thinline Frosted

3 Inch Thinline Frosted is used for smaller jobs which also comes in two patterns only and in the frosted option.  The look of being unique and different than everyone else is common these days.  Everyone is wanting that one of a kind look and our Thinline Frosted Glass Block by Seves Glass Block™ could be the answer for you.  Just like the 1919/8 and our 4″ Premier Glass Block options you get to choose between one sided or both sides to be frosted to create that “gotta have it” look you have been looking for.


Looking for more information on our 3″ Thinline Frosted Glass Block by Seves Glass Block™?  Call our team today at Quality Glass Block and window and we will be more than happy to answer any questions!