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Basic Line Frosted

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Basic Line Frosted

Basic Line Frosted Glass Block comes in four colored glass block options of Azure, Brown, Green and Pink 1919/8 Wave Glass Block with the ability to get one or both sides with the frosted touch.  This allows a softer tone of color and light to shine through your home.  That still allows you to not only be creative with the color options but also to get creative with how you want it laid out.  With the frosted appearance, you can start by incorporating one or both sides frosted to either side to create a one of a kind design.

Don’t want the color options?  No problem.  We have clear glass block options as well with the frosted look in two different patterns to allow you to incorporate with the colors or keep it simple in clean with our standard clear glass block.  This also is available in one or both sides frosted and is equally beautiful with its soft appearance while creating the privacy you need.


Give our team a call at Quality Glass Block and Window for more information on our Frosted Glass Block.

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