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Design Line Frosted

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Design Line Frosted


Design Line Frosted Glass Block is something a bit unique for all parties involved. Most who love the wavy texture but find that the privacy is lacking tend to go with the 1 or 2 sides Sahara Finishes to help protect and give more of a barrier between the outside world when it comes to exterior windows.

With the Sahara finishes on both or one side of the block, packs a huge punch when it comes to aesthetics wise.  Giving your now clear wavy glass more of a softness to the mix of your home.   Creating a soft glow from the flowing of sunlight or even any back lighting that might be involved without sacrificing the privacy you may crave.

The Sahara finish brings such a unique quality that adding it in with regular glass blocks can only make the design you create more enjoyable in your space.


For more information on our Design Line Frosted Glass Block call our team today at Quality Glass Block and Window, where we would be more than happy to assist you.