Is a Glass Block Shower the Solution to your Bathroom Reno?

A bathroom renovation is a project that homeowners and contractors should never take lightly. Bathrooms are an essential part of a home that affects the comfort of its residents as well as the property's real estate value. Be sure to explore all of your options and have a good plan ready to go before demolition day. This includes researching if installing a glass block shower is best for your project.


In this article, we're discussing how a glass block shower may be the perfect solution to a bathroom renovation you'll love and enjoy using each day.

What are glass block showers?

Glass block showers are walls of a glass block used to partition a shower space from the rest of the bathroom or enclose a shower space. 


Similar in function to a shower door, glass block showers allow for privacy to the person taking a shower and protect the room from water penetration. Unlike glass doors, they maintain a uniform and consistent appearance and provide a sleek, modern look to the shower space.


Glass block showers can be designed to utilize a traditional shower door, which is ideal for small bathrooms.


Glass block shower systems come in different shapes and sizes, including custom designs to fit your exact space requirements.


They're also completely customizable. A glass block shower can be designed to complement any decor theme or aesthetic - a perfect material that can meet anyone's unique design preferences.

What are the Benefits of a Glass Block Shower?

The benefits of glass block showers are many. They're a great way to add privacy and style to your bathroom, and because they're made of glass, they allow in natural light while still providing some privacy. They are also very easy to clean and maintain - a big plus for busy homeowners.


Some other reasons homeowners and contractors love glass block showers include:


  • They help create privacy without sacrificing natural light levels.
  • They are durable.
  • Easy to clean
  • Size, color, and texture is completely customizable
  • Easy to install
  • Reduce noise transmission


How to choose the right glass block shower for a bathroom renovation

Determine the Shower's Size

When choosing the right glass block shower for your bathroom, it's important to consider several factors during the planning phase. The first of which is size - make sure to measure the dimensions of your bathroom carefully.


When you know the size of the glass block shower you're going to build, consult with experts on how to select the correct size of glass block or brick.

Know Your Foundation

The last thing you want is for your glass block shower to be sagging or unstable, so make sure the support system underneath is sturdy and well-built. Ensure the glass block walls are not necessary for supporting the building's structure. Glass block cannot be used for load-bearing purposes and must be securely attached to an adjacent wall.

Consider Style

You'll also want to choose a glass block shower that will complement the overall style of your bathroom. If you have a modern or minimalist aesthetic, for example, you'll want to choose a glass block shower with clean lines and simple designs. If your bathroom has more of a traditional look, you may want to choose glass blocks with more decorative details.

For a sleek, contemporary look for your shower, consider one of our easy to install glass block shower kits.


For a more custom look, we recommend exploring any of the following glass block collections:

Think About Privacy & Light

Finally, think about how much privacy you want in your shower. Some styles provide complete privacy, while others allow for some visibility from the outside. For partial visibility from the shower, choose a clear glass block that allows for generous light transmission.


For instance, Clarity, from the Residential Glass Block series is a great option to use in a project where maximum light and visibility is a priority. If a homeowner wants to maximize privacy, and isn't concerned about natural light levels, color glass block may be a good option.


Also, consider the glass block shower's function and location in your bathroom. Will it be used as a stand-alone glass block wall? Or will it connect to other glass blocks or glass doors?


Glass Block Shower - A Confident Solution to Your Bathroom Renovation

If you're thinking about the perfect solution to an upcoming bathroom renovation, it’s time to explore if a glass block shower is right for you. Easily customizable and simple to maintain, a custom glass block shower or shower kit can be just what you need to accomplish the renovation that will offer optimum comfort and style for you and your loved ones.