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When it comes to bathroom ideas, Quality Glass Block has what you need in order to get things started for your unique space.  To me, glass block isn’t a dying option anymore.  Glass Block is more of a way to stop in time and enjoy the past with a much more modern approach.  Allowing you to bring more light into a dim dingy space.  To allow that space to breath with the effortless waves of the clean look glass can provide you.

With several options on our website you really can’t go wrong when researching ideas for any bathroom renovation or new construction project.  We have plenty to see and to look at, but in this little blog note I am here to make it easier on you to find the proper links.

From glass block installation, glass block wall options, loose glass block for  windows for privacy in a bathroom and more. Take a look below for where to start when it comes to planning your home away from home spa!

You have several ways to approach this.  However, what you mainly want to ask yourself is what are you looking for when it comes to esthetics and installation.  When speaking with my customers I always try to get down to what type of glass block that interested them and work our way through to their needs and capabilities from there.

  • Imperial Line for walls or privacy –  Our 4″ think Premier Series is a good place to start.  We have two options with finishing units, our Cortina Glass Block or our ever so popular wavy pattern called Nubio.  Now for privacy you may want to also check out our Thinline glass block as well for smaller projects as bathroom windows.
  • MyMini Glass –  Not only a pop of color but also give privacy while allowing plenty of light to come through to your space.

Wait a minute, you have a wall with a radius, or it’s L shaped you say? Not a problem, we have those options here as well.  For the radius you may need to incorporate the 22.5 Degree Allbend blocks into your curve to make it work, and to make it a bit easier on figuring out what you need check out the North American Design Guide for tips (hint page 24).

Better yet, take a look at our already put together wall kits in the Straight Wall or Corner Kits.  These kits are designed and already put together with our mortarless installation system to help reduce the confusion or stress any new renovation can cause for first time customers.  If you prefer the mortar installation system, let us know and we can swap out the mortarless kits for mortar.


Smaller Space Crisis….

You have a smaller space you are working in and can’t afford to loose that extra inch but want glass block in your bathroom!  Not a problem.  Let me introduce you to our Basic and Design Lines.

These two lines are similar in the size department, but very different when it comes to esthetics.  Lets start with the Basic Line, shall we?!

This line always provides a punch with the variety of textures that are offered, but more importantly how you can mix and match them to get a unique piece of glass in your home.  For Starters see the options this line has for those who want to step outside of the blocks…. see what I did there.

What is unique and different about the Basic line is these blocks are made for smaller spaces.  They run 7.5 x 7.5 in width and height and are only 3″ thick to give you that extra room you might be needing in your space.

Coming in two clear patterns with finishing units, Wavy and Arctic that look good with any of the other patterns as well if you decide to mix or match them.  Don’t worry I didn’t forget those who might have a radius too.  These two patterns also carry the 22.5 Degree Allbend to make it easier for any homeowner or contractor to make your dream shower or wall come to life.

To also help you with the guess work, These two patterns also come in their own Wall Kit options.  If it is straight or have a corner in your wall, we have you covered.

As for the color options, this line tends to leave me a bit speechless with the vibrancy of color values they hit.  Even though our Injected Color Blocks don’t have finishing end units, doesn’t mean you can use them in an accent wall in your home.  It won’t only bring light into your space but also a wonderful color scheme.  (Interior Application use only)

If you are more into color glass and wanting the finishing end blocks then we have you covered in this line as well.  Our Colored Glass is not only unique in that area, but also one of the few that is actually colored glass.  Meaning the glass itself is colored during the manufacturing process.

Colored Glass Blocks with finishing units:

These glass Blocks can be used interior or exterior and are a joy to see customers put them together in there projects, which you can check out in our Glass Block Inspiration page.

Our Design Line options have a few quirks of their own.  Coming in the 7.5 x 7 .5 x 3 inches thick can also be helpful when wanting something this unique in large spaces or even small.  If you want to check to see what customers have done, check out our Glass Block Inspiration page.  I assure you, you will not be disappointed in this product.

The Design Line does come in a similar way as the Basic Line, but has it’s own little spin of fun added to them.

For starters, it has its own colored glass block options, which means the glass is colored like how the Basic Colored Glass is that we spoke about above.  But it also has a Metalized Edge Coating giving you the choice between Non-Metalized and Metalized Colored Glass Block options including the New Color Collection Metalized option.

If you think the fun has stopped at the metalized edge coating, you have thought wrong.  They have a large amount of injected colors in our New Color Collection with also finishing units to complete any wall or bathroom installment you can think of.   The best and unique part of these is that they also have some that come in finishing ends to complete the wall or partition that you plan on doing.

Much like the other series of glass block options, our Design Line offers just about the same type of options.  We have Straight Wall Kits and Corner Wall Kits.  If you want to order loose injected glass blocks or even our colored glass block option you have that to go with.

Installation for the Design Line on the other hand is a bit different with these because the profile is a bit different than our standard glass blocks and Basic Line.  So you do need to pay close attention to which installation system goes with what system if you purchase loosely.

Yet, the fun keeps going on.  We actually have one more option in our Design Line called Mendini.  Our Mendini is unique because it is all 7.5 x 7 .5 3 Glass Block, but all injected with color much like our New Color Collection.  The kicker comes with the Metalized Edge Coating that this particular line has to offer.  There are no finishing units or shapes to create a finished looking wall like the others, but if you have a room that you would like to add more daylight to with a pop of color, these blocks are just for you.  Our Straight Wall Kits are also an option if you just want one single color throughout your space.  But, if you are looking to vamp your space up with multiple colors we can do that over the phone and get you the same amazing price as our kits have to offer.

For further help or assistance in our color options or all of our bathroom options and ideas, contact us today at Quality Glass Block and one of our team members will be more than happy to assist you.