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A neighbor’s five-year-old son, learning to ride his bicycle on the back patio lost control and plowed into the basement window.  The boy and his bike were lucky, they survived; the basement window did not.  The shattered glass was both difficult and dangerous to clean up.

A burglary ring was operating in a local neighborhood. The police said they were targeting basement windows. Windows at the foundation level are often tucked behind bushes and concealed in ground level shadows. This gives burglars the cover needed to slip in while unsuspecting residents sleep in the bedrooms above. 

Installation of Glass Block WindowGlass block windows may be the answer to many safety and security issues.  Combining the strength of masonry with the properties of glass gives homeowners the best of both worlds.  Glass block allow light in while keeping almost everything else out.  Residential grade glass blocks may not be impregnable, but they do not fracture and are far sturdier than their regular glass cousins. Most burglars will move to another house instead of trying to break into solid glass block and Johnny’s bicycle will bounce off the window and not crash through it. In fact, Solid glass block windows, joined with beds of mortar in a foundation wall, are almost as strong as the foundation itself.

Each block has glass surfaces around a core of insulating airspace, which are also much more energy-efficient than regular windows. Whether you want windows that are almost as clear as a regular window, textured or even with an opaque finish that lets light in while providing complete privacy, there is glass block design that will fit your needs.  Glass block windows do not split, warp or rot, and never need painting. They are almost maintenance free.

Quality Glass Block provides both prefabricated and preassembled windows to contractors and homeowners. They also carry loose glass block and glass block panels for specialized projects. 

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Whether you are working with a contractor, purchasing prefabricated glass block windows, Quality Glass Block can help.  Glass block from Pittsburgh Corning are 

At Quality Glass Block and Window Company, we specialize in prefabricating glass block windows that are ready to install. Our Vinyl Wrapped energy glass block windows are completely assembled with the highest quality Energy Glass Block from Pittsburgh Corning and a fully welded frame for a clean, professional look. Available in two different patterns, your new vinyl wrapped energy glass block window will be efficient and beautiful.