Glass Block Window Vents Will Lower Your Energy Costs

As energy prices climb globally, more and more consumers are realizing the benefits of energy efficient options for the home and office. It’s worth noting that glass block window vents are a reliable way for property owners to lower heating and cooling bills. At Quality Glass Block and Window Company, we offer Mortar and Silicone Series glass block vents that boast energy efficient options, and when used with solid glass blocks, customers enjoy a high level of security.

A few of the ways our glass block window vents lock out drafts and promote energy conservation are listed below:

  • Hollow chambers located in the mainframe boost our vents’ abilities to insulate a home or commercial building
  • Glass panes are secured with eight individual seals to prevent air leaks
  • A co-extruded weather strip bulb ensures a positive seal
  • Glass is dual-paned
  • When not in use for venting purposes, the vents are snugly closed with a strong polycarbonate sash lock

Aiding in the insulation of a home or commercial building, rather than conducting heat or cold air, makes our glass vents truly energy efficient. Contact Quality Glass Block and Window Company, or browse our site, to learn more.