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4 Inch Premiere Straight Wall Kits

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4 Inch Premiere Straight Wall Kits

4 Inch Premiere Straight Wall Kits from Quality Glass Block use the Premier Series glass blocks by Seves Glass Block™.  These high quality glass blocks are available in two patterns that are available in the traditional Mortar Installation as well as the Silicone Mortarless Installation.

Nubio Pattern

The Nubio pattern is a traditional clear wave pattern that offers a mild amount of privacy.  Distorting images behind them while letting in the maximum amount of light.  This  wavy pattern is the most standard pattern when it comes to comparisons.  Our Straight Glass Block Wall Kits are available with one or two ends finished to give any room an elegant finish to suit your style and needs.

Cortina Pattern

The Cortina pattern by Seves Glass Block™, also known as the Ice pattern, offers a beautiful look with maximum privacy while still letting in plenty of natural light.  This private pattern can divide a room while giving you a look that traditional walls can not.  The Cortina Straight Glass Block Wall Kits can be accented with one or two finished ends to complete any interior project.


Silicone Mortarless Kits Include:

Horizontal Spacers

Vertical Spacer Packs




Mortar Kits Include (Call for Mortar Kits) –

Universal Spacers

Stainless Steel Panel Anchors

Stainless Steel Panel Reinforcement


Want to know more or do not see what you are specifically looking for?  Call the professionals at Quality Glass Block today for installation support and guidance to what you have in mind for your space.  We can help you get started on your project today!



Quality Glass Block 8x8x4 Nubio Quality Glass Block 8x8x4 Cortina








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