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Mendini Straight Wall Kits

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Mendini Straight Wall Kits

Mendini Straight Wall Kits are probably one of my favorites around.  First I just love the jewel toned colors with that added sparkle that the metalized edge coating gives to the inside perimeter of the glass block.  For me it just makes me happy and I think it would you too!

These kits are special to our company because each block is picked along with the accessories that go with it.  Yes, this is another mortarless installation option, but don’t let that stop you for asking for the mortar option with us.  Matter of fact, you can call and place the order with us over the phone with full attention to detail help for you and your project.

These specific kits come with no finishing end units.  Unfortunately, that is the downside to the Mendini Straight Wall Kits.  However, to me it is a bonus because who doesn’t love glass block surrounded on all four sides in any interior location?!

Notes about the Mendini Straight Wall Kits:

  • Only come in the Clearview/Clarity which is no pattern to the block that makes it see through
  • No finishing end units available
  • Kits comes with all the block specified in your dimensions, silicone, spacers and anchors

Grout is sold separately.


For more information on our Menidin Straight Wall Kits, call our team today at Quality Glass Block and Window!