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Design Line Straight Wall Kits

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Design Line Straight Wall Kits

Design Line Straight Wall Kits are for those who want a show stopper in your home with all the bells and whistles.  Created with the Q19 Pegasus Series Glass Blocks by Seves Glass Block™ our Straight Wall Kits make installation a snap.   The metric sized blocks are available in a clear wave pattern or a colored wave pattern and are perfect for those who have smaller spaces or want the more rounded finishing units.  Available with the standard white bond coating on the block or the metalized bond coating, these walls are sure to satisfy even the most demanding designs.  Both choices utilize the new mortarless Pegasus spacer for easy of assembly.

Pegasus Wave Straight Wall Kits

The Pegasus Straight Wall Kits are only available in the Wave pattern with a traditional white bond coating around the block.  These blocks are available in Clear (No Color), Aqua, Blue, Nordica, Rosa, Siena, and Verde with one end finished or two end finished options.  The Turquoise is available without a finished end.  Any of these options are great for your home or office.

Pegasus Metalized Straight Wall Kits

Add a shimmer with the Pegasus Metalized Straight Wall Kit to your personal space.  With the reflective metalized bond coating, the light will dance through the wavy pattern glass blocks and give you a look like no other.  The Clear (No color), Aqua, Blue, Green, Nordica, Pink, Siena and Turquoise are all available with finishing end units except the Turquoise.

New Color Collection Straight Wall Kits

Need more colors in your life that aren’t offered in the above Pegasus options?  Check out our New Color Collection Straight Wall Kits.  Coming in 8 total colors with finishing end units; Ardesia, Bianco, Cedro, Cobalto, Indaco, Nero, Scarlatto and Tortora can make your room transition into something that is talked about amongst your friends.  If you are not needing finishing units and want to go even brighter and bolder; Avoria, Kiwi, Magenta, Malva, Muschio, Ocra, Oro and Smeraldo are the options you don’t want to miss. All of these color options will make a statement without saying a word.

Mortarless Kits Include

  • Anchors
  • Silicone
  • Horizontal Spacers
  • Vertical Spacers


Grout is not included.


Need Help with a design option?  The knowledgeable staff at Quality Glass Block and Window are ready to help!  Call us today so we can assist you in your project that fits your needs and bring your creation to life!