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MyMiniGlass Straight Wall Kits

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MyMiniGlass Straight Wall Kits

MyMiniGlass Straight Wall Kits are for those who don’t love the larger 8×8 glass blocks, or for those who have smaller spaces.  Dress up your interiors with our newest collection of glass block, MyMiniglass!  Coming in seven different classic colors in one pattern only, including shapes and finishing units, your dreams can come true with all 6x6x4 glass blocks that you have imagined in your home. No longer needing the 8×8 glass blocks to do the job you can create just about anything with these unique and amazing blocks.  With the prestigious Arctic pattern, that not only gives privacy but allows plenty of light to flow through to your space you can express yourself in ways you never dreamed of.

MyMiniglass options:

Pattern:  Arctic

Color Choices:Clear, Blueberry, Mint, Licorice, Cherry, Apricot, Vanilla

Sizes and Shapes available for all colors: 6x6x3 –  Linear End, Curved End, Sharp Corner


MyMiniglass Accessories:

It is true that you can use the Basic Mortarless Accessories and the Mortar Accessories with the MyMiniGlass Collection.  With this said below you will see what you can get if you choose to do the Mortarless System or the Mortar System.


MyMiniGlass Mortarless Accessories:

  • Anchor Pack (sold in packs of 5)
  • Glass Block Sealant (Clear)
  • Horizontal Spacers
  • Vertical Spacer Pack (sold in packs of 10)


Mortar Accessories:

Our Mortar Accessories are pretty universal around here no matter which Series or Collection you choose.

  • Panel Anchors
  • Universal Spacers
  • Panel Reinforcement
  • Expansion Strips

For more information on MyMiniglass Line, call us today at Quality Glass Block and one of our experts on the sales team can assist you or help you choose a color!