What is Fire Rated Glass Block?

Fire rated glass block can withstand the heat of fire without breaking. Builders prefer this type of glass because it’s safe and sturdy. At Quality Glass Block and Window Company, we carry four lines of fire rated glass block by Seves Glass Block™: the Premiere™ Series, the Thickset® 60 series, the Thickset® 90 series and the Vistabrik® series.

So who decides what products are fire rated? Keep reading.

The Underwriters Laboratory

As an independent safety company, the Underwriters Laboratory provides expertise and inspects products to ensure that they are safe for use. Its ratings signify that a product meets stringent standards based on thorough research and investigation.

For glass blocks, this means they have been shown to withstand fire with ratings of 45, 60 and 90 minutes. In a fire situation, that’s a lot of time. This high standard also means our fire rated glass block windows are energy efficient and very tough.

To learn more about Quality Glass Block and Window Company and the high standards we aim to meet, contact us today. As highly regarded glass block suppliers and the largest suppliers of fire rated glass block in the Midwest, we have a wide range of products suited for all types of building and remodeling projects.